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Leonid Afremov's - "Blue Castle"
Blue Castle

Blue Castle
Leonid Afremov
Gallery Price: $25,000.00
Our Price: $2,995.95
Original One of a Kind Oil Painting On Canvas
Image Dimension (inch): 30 x 40
Shipping: $79.95

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Product Code: LA_BLUE_CASTLE_30X40

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"Blue Castle" by Leonid Afremov

Media: One of a Kind Original Oil on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 30 x 40 in

About "Blue Castle"

Looking at this impressive painting by Leonid Afremov, we see a city at night. The straight row of yellow buildings stands before us, with the windows dark and lifeless and a mysterious light cast on their walls. The ground is disappearing beneath their foundations, so that the earth resembles the brown sea, wild, blusterous, with rising waves licking the walls of the houses. No person is seen on the street, the city seems to be empty and silent. The black sky is covering the whole space above the city, only the full moon is appearing through the heavy night clouds and is substituting their blackness for deep blue coloring. And a blue castle towers above the drowsy houses, majestic, suffused with the pale and cold radiance of the moon. Its exquisite black towers seem to be touching the very sky. Its pale walls dilute the gloom reigning everywhere around, and yet we see that darkness is hiding itself inside the castle, for its windows lack for light. This silent shelter of dark shadows is full of mysteries, so that you cannot but want to reach its radiant walls and enter its dark silence.

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