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  • Leonid Afremov

    Leonid Afremov (born 12 July 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus) is a Russian - Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils. Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School. Leonid worked a lot and participated in many different exhibitions in Vitebsk. Over time he has developed his own unique technique and style, which is unmistakable and cannot be confused with other artists. Before the advancement of online sales, Afremov was a struggling artist. He was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, and lived there until 1990. Between 1990 and 2002 he lived in Israel and from 2002 to 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida. Afremov currently resides in the popular resort town Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, near Cancun. Leonid paints mainly landscape, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and portraits. Most of his work is considered very colorful and politically neutral.

    Firerock Fine Art is an official Afremov Gallery based in Fountain Hills Arizona. All Afremov artwork purchased from our gallery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued directly from the artist. We enjoy an excellent relationship with the artist and his family and enjoy much success representing him across the USA. Our primary focus is the sale of Afremov Originals and Limited Edition, Hand-embellished Giclees on Canvas. If you don't see the title you desire, please call the gallery at (480) 614-3790 to inquire about the availability.

  • Sunol Alvar

    Spanish Artist Sunol Alvar. B. 1935 - Artist Sunol Alvar was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1935. Alvar paints with a subtle, sophisticated tenderness and feeling for his subject matter. Alvar studied at the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona from 1951 to 1957. The eclectic Alvar is a master of all mediums, but each of Alvar's flawlessly executed works is characterized by a sensitivity to color and a delicacy of form that are unique in contemporary art. Following in the tradition of Braque, Alvar is an artist whose force of emotion and mystical vision are complimented by a strong creative discipline and consummate technical skills. A modern master at the very peak of his powers, Alvar's works are exhibited in all the fine art centers of the world.
  • Thomas Arvid

    Thomas Arvid is renowned for his bold paintings of wine and is quickly earning himself a national reputation as a rising star. Thomas Arvids' work is showcased in galleries across the country and has been seen in numerous publications, including a recent spread in Wine Spectator Magazine. Arvid's paintings are found in many prominent collections, and they are a particular favorite amongst wineries and vineyard owners who acknowledge Thomas, as today's preeminent painter of wine. But it's not just the wine lovers and makers who are taken with Thomas's work. With his original, refreshing approach to the still life, and the passion he brings to it, Thomas Arvid has captured the collective imagination of wine collectors and art collectors alike. For perhaps the first time, these diverse markets have found a common bond with Thomas Arvid's original paintings and serigraphs. Thomas Arvid possesses an unerring ability to refine a moment. In doing so he captures our wonder and has become an art world phenomenon. Art Business News (May 2003) credits him with "launching a major art trend" with his oversized still life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding it. Arvid astounds viewers with the intricate details of his images and with his mastery of light, depth and reflection.
  • Alexander Astahov

    Artist Alexander Astahov is known for his colorful, surrealistic style and his signature butterfly, featured in each of his works. His series of magnificent interiors pays tribute to the masters, including Miro, Chagall and Van Gogh. Astahov was born in Petropavlovsk, Russia in 1955. He studied at the High School of Arts in Oryol from 1972 till 1977 and later completed Post Graduate study and work at the Moscow Surikov High Art Institute. In 1982, Astahov began working as an art teacher at the Bryansk School of Painting, where he specializes in graphical arts.
  • Andrew Atroshenko

    ANDREW ATROSHENKO - Andrew Atroshenko was born in 1965 in the city of Pokrovsk, Russia. Accepted as a gifted child in 1977 into the Children's Art School, Andrew graduated with honors in 1981. Two years later, Andrew entered Bryansk Art College, and in 1991 was accepted at one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. In 1994, Andrew began taking part in exhibitions such as St. Petersburg Artists in Reutlingen, Germany, the exhibition of a group "Academy" in St. Petersburg (1996), and "Teacher's memory" (1997). After graduation from St. Petersburg Academy of Art in 1999, Andrew was invited by a New England, US based art group "Bay Arts" to take part in their exhibitions and activities, spending that entire year in the United States into the Millennium. According to Andrew, "This year in America gave me more as an artist then all eight years of my formal studies in the prestigious Russian academies. I am a descendent of farmers, and I was impressed by the New England's landscapes, and how a man in America avoids harming its environment. After seeing Royo and Pino at Artexpo New York 2000, I suddenly realized what direction I want to take my art in. After staying for a year in the United States, I spent two years in Russia perfecting my art. While Andrew's work was being sold successfully in galleries across Florida, California, Ohio and Arizona, the artist was taking part in a variety of group exhibitions and auctions in France, which resulted in all of his work being sold out. Since 2000, Andrew has worked with dealers from Western Europe and the US, exhibiting and selling his paintings in such US cities as Carmel , Scottsdale, Palm Desert, Las Vegas & Hawaii. Two of Andrew's pieces were also auctioned off by Sotheby's in 2002 and 2003. In 1992 Andrew married a fellow student, Maria, who is now an art critic in St Petersburg, Russia, and has a daughter named Alexandra. Like many artists, Andrew has his artistic references and influences, but his wife and daughter are the inspiration for his passion.
  • Sunday B.

    About ANDY WARHOL:

    Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Iconic Artist, Filmmaker, Music Producer, Commercial Illustrator, Designer, and Magazine Publisher was born Andrew Warhola In 1928. Andy Warhol was a Founder and major proponent of "The Pop Art Movement." He remains one of the most talented and influential artists of the 20th Century. Warhol pioneered the development of the process of Photo-Mechanical Silkscreen, where enlarged photographic Images are transferred to a Silk Screen that is then placed on a canvas and inked from the back creating mass-media images. Warhol is known for his paintings of Commercial Subjects and Iconic Images.  From the Campbell's Soup Can Series, to his portraits of celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Kennedy. He created an instantly recognizable style that was distinctly his own and yet allowed others to be involved in the creative process. Warhol who said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes," has well outlasted that barometer. One of the most highly sought after and collected artist by Major Museums and Collectors around the World. His works now command prices in the Millions.  His first One Man Show was In 1952 which was followed by a long succession of Prestigious Solo Shows and Exhibitions in Major Galleries and Museums throughout the World until his death in 1987.


    These Sunday B. Mornings editions are stamped on the verso in blue ink. The 'Blue inks' are the current editions and the quality and integrity of the prints is impeccable. They are printed on 'museum board' with the highest quality archival inks. The colors are absolutely vibrant! The digital images you see here do not do them justice.  Should you choose to purchase one or more of these prints, we guarantee that you will be more than pleased. At a recent auction at Christie's a set of 10 Sunday B. Morning prints sold for $14000. Some of the most discriminating collectors own them because of their quality and rarity. It's worth mentioning that the original edition of 250 were all signed and numbered on the verso.
  • Howard Behrens

    Behrens is one of the world's most renowned palette artists, inspired to create his many masterpieces with a palette knife - a tool artists traditionally use to mix oil paints before applying them to canvas with a paint brush. "I kept changing my style," he explains. "I feel like every painting is a prerequisite for the next painting. You come across something that really rings a bell and starts you thinking differently, and you continue on with that new technique, style or subject matter. That's how I eventually got into palette knife painting. It was an evolutionary thing."

  • Mr. Brainwash

    View artwork by Mr. Brainwash
  • Mark Braver

    Mark Braver was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia, in 1958. An artist at heart, he had to set his passion aside and join the Red Army. Upon his discharge, he married and had a daughter. However, being sympathetic to the Jewish cause, he became involved in forbidden Zionist activities that brought about his arrest and imprisonment. Braver braved five brutal years in a Soviet prison before he was reunited with his wife - they soon had two more daughters. Fortunately, times had changed while he was imprisoned - finally policies in his country became more welcoming of individualism, culture, and the arts. Rekindling old friendships with fellow artists, he was motivated to pick up his paintbrush again. Braver moved to Israel with his family in 2000 and continued to pursue art. His beautiful artworks can be found in private collections in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

  • Romero Britto

    A modern day pop culture icon, Romero Britto is one of the premiere artists of our time. As one of the youngest and most successful Pop Artists of this generation, Romero Britto has managed to create contemporary masterpieces that evoke a spirit of hope, and convey a sense of incredible warmth. Embraced by the international community, Britto's paintings and sculptures are currently featured in more than 100 galleries worldwide, including the Saatchi Gallery in London, which recently incorporated Britto's artwork as part of their online gallery. In addition, Britto's artwork is included in some of the world's most impressive private collections. As a talented and creative child growing up in Brazil, Romero Britto often painted images using any medium he could find, including scraps of cardboard and newspaper. His inner passion and drive to excel served as an incredible asset for a young man with a longing to nurture his creative side and experience all that life has to offer. Britto's innate love for learning and education inspired him to channel a strong focus and commitment to excellence into his artwork. It is this dedication that has helped Romero Britto become an international success, molding him into a highly sought after artist, not only by private collectors, but also by key global entities around the world.

  • Sean Cannon

    Sean Cannon's paintings and ink drawings are inspired by our postmodern culture. His style aesthetic is vibrant, modern, and ironic- most often through the use of aestheticism.
  • Trevor Carlton

    Trevor Carlton is one of Disney Fine Art's Primer artist who painting the likes of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tinkerbelle and all the other Disney characters in vivid colors
  • Phillip Crowe

    Phillip Crowe's most important influence in life has been his early years in the outdoors. "My grandfather and my father were quail hunters in southern Illinois. They let me tag along." Which lead Crowe to paint what he knew best: the outdoors and wildlife. Crowe has dedicated his time and art to helping many organizations that care about the wildlife he loves, "This environment is fragile; the balance is our responsibility, and we must protect our outdoors for our children and our future."

  • Bev Doolittle

    Bev Doolittle is one of America's most collected artists. Her camouflage art is loved by art collectors around the world. Through sheer force of talent and dedication, she has achieved a status in the art world few contemporary artists even dream of. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels.

    She is often called a "camouflage artist" because her distinctive use of context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden only until they become obvious. "I use camouflage to slow down the storytelling in a painting. But my messages about our wilderness and native peoples are never hidden." As proof of her dedication to these issues, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Doolittle prints is donated anonymously to environmental and other causes each year.
  • Duaiv

    Accomplished in both classical music and fine art, Duaiv embeds the essence of creative inspiration in his world-renowned paintings, commissioned murals, and live performances. With the world as his canvas, Duaiv’s work is a contemporary representation of Impressionism at its height.
  • Larry Dyke

    Larry Dyke Fine Art
  • Tom Everhart

    Tom Everhart American Artist: The explosive, dazzling color, expressionistic imagination, and big-as-life proportions are Tom Everhart's signature elements...Everhart's artwork is the culmination of 20 years of close association with cartoonist Charles M. Schulz and the Peanuts phenomenon. The only fine artist authorized to artistically render the Peanuts characters, Everhart had been a successful painter of large-scale landscapes before being asked to render drawings of the ?Peanuts characters for a commercial project in 1980. With no background in cartooning, Tom Everhart prepared for the task by projecting Schulz's comic strips onto a 25-foot wall in his studio for closer examination. Everhart was stunned to discover that, blown up larger than life, Schulz's pen strokes closely connected to his own painting style. Tom Everhart's immediate fascination with Schulz's "line" and his remarkable ability to capture it with his own distinct interpretation impressed Schulz and launched a friendship and collaboration that continued until Schulz's death in February 2000.
  • Malcolm Farley

    Internationally acclaimed artist Malcolm Farley is renowned for his visions of color and unique ability to capture “the moment, the action, and the spirit of the event.” In his unique impressionistic style, Malcolm blends color with the drama of some of the world's most memorable moments in time.

  • Charles Fazzino

    Charles Fazzino, graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City� is one of the most popular and highly-collected pop artists of all time. During his more-than-thirty years as a pop artist, he has inserted his unique, detailed, vibrant, and three-dimensional style of artwork into the very fabric of popular culture. Fazzino's artworks are exhibited in hundreds of museums and galleries in more than twenty different countries. He has received many private and important commissions and has been selected as the official artist for festivals and events all over the world. Charles is often referred to as a pop culture historian because of the breadth of his work and the way it touches his collectors and captures the best parts of their contemporary lives. His legacy will mark him as part of the next generation of famous pop artists as he follows the paths originally forged by pop art pioneers such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Red Grooms, and Roy Lichtenstein.
  • Ferjo

    Born Fernando de Jesus Oliveira in Bahia, Brazil in 1946, the artist who goes by the simple name of Ferjo is one of the most dynamic and intriguing artists on the contemporary American scene. His surreal, even metaphysical way with a canvas has been lauded earlier, with Ferjo winning the prestigious Cresson Scholarship at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the New York council for the Arts Award for Excellence in portraiture. However, portraits are not what we see in Ferjo's latest works. Rene Magritte, the Belgian surrealist, would be made proud by Ferjo's new art-an exciting, entrancing, mentally and sensually stimulating blend of the everyday with the extraordinary, the plain with the fantastic. Most of Ferjo's paintings take place within an abandoned interior, a "room with a view" out of a large window, made up of puffy, transcendent clouds and nature at the extremes of either sunrise or sunset. Ferjo's work partakes of both the old masters and the 20th century surrealists, Vermeer and deChirico, of the hieroglyphs of the waking eye and the technicolor bounty of the eye asleep, in dreams. He is a master painter with a style he can truly call his own, a style which reassures the heart with its beauty, while astounding the perceptions with constant visual surprise.
  • Michael And Inessa Garmash

    Today Michael and Inessa Garmash are considered two of the finest Romantic Impressionists of our day.  Their incredible talent is only matched by their love and career stories.  In similar fashion to the determination of his artwork, Mr. Garmash courted his future wife, after seeing her for but a moment, by painting her image all over her hometown while she slept.  She immediately recognized the passion with which this man cared so dearly and married him shortly thereafter.

    The Garmashs began their artistic collaboration in much the same way.  Several years after their marriage, Mr. Garmash began a painting of their two-year old daughter, Polina, for a project at school.  However, Polina found the painting during her father's absence and decided to embark upon her own artistic career.  Ms. Garmash, after seeing what her daughter had done and not wanting her husband to be upset, fixed the painting using her own training, packed it up and gave it to him for submission.  Mr. Garmash submitted the painting for review and was praised for completing his best work ever.  He was surprised to see the "new" painting and immediately recognized his wife's hand.  They have painted together every since.
  • Alfred Alexander Gockel

    World renowned artist Alfred Gockel was born in 1952 near Munster, Germany, and discovered his love of and talent for art at an early age, getting his first work published at only 8 years old. From then on he pursued his passion, attending Polytechnic Art University in Munster and eventually becoming well-known as a painter and successful international publisher of fine art. By 1983, Gockel and his wife Ingrid founded their own publishing company Avant Art and went on to distribute literally millions and millions of open editions of only his own artwork, making his a truly international household name. Long term stints at Art Expo NY starting in 1985 and numerous cruise ship exhibitions added to his popularity. In 2006, Gockel was tapped to design an official American version poster for the Olympic Games held in Turin.� Always expanding and growing as an artist, Gockel has also moved into exploring the world of etchings, woodcut, linoleum and lithography as well as sculptures of all shapes and sizes. One of his largest to date is a 10m x 5m creation commissioned by the ADAC (German Car Assistance Company) to be installed at the intersection of Germany's two most important highways. An interesting side note to Gockel's art is that he had a brief stint as a coal miner in his youth. Gleaning a novel idea from that experience, he has incorporated the use of tar into many of his works - a fascinating contrast to his bold palette of bright and light colors. The tar is a recipe he concocts himself, and it makes for an intriguing creative process - one that Gockel delights in displaying to live audiences as he works on oversized canvases to create always exciting mixed media masterpieces.
  • Michael Godard

    Michael Godard's work is widely collected by movie stars, rock stars and private collectors, from young to old and from all walks of life. Godard's imaginative world of art is seen by millions of people worldwide each month in popular venues such as cruise lines, galleries, hotels, television, magazines and countless merchandising kiosks and stores. His paintings even adorn the walls of the officer's lounge in the Pentagon.  Godard's world of art invites the viewer into his lighthearted perspective of life that surrounds us all, mirroring our lives through martinis adorned with animated olives, drunken grapes and dancing strawberries, as well as his own vices of gambling and the good life. Godard's unique portrayal of fun is an exciting combination of imagination and often subtle humor which evokes and engages the creative side in "Olive" us. Paintings depicting inebriated grapes, gangster olives, flirtatious strawberries and flaming dice have taken the conservative art world and turned it on its head, redefining art as we know it, always with a delightfully slap-stick punch line. Today Michael Godard is considered one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time.
  • Rene Gruau

    Rene Gruau. 1909-2004 - With his stunning, passionate, figures, his arresting use of color and dramatic, explosive element of line, Rene Gruau developed his distinctive New Look in the 1940's which greatly impacted haute couture, theatre, art, and commercial design. With Rene Gruau's trademark use of his powerful minimal line, Gruau's style combined seductive sophistication with classic beauty, grace and sensual elegance. The quality of the visual appeal of Gruau's glamorous and radiant beautiful people is at once bold and languid. Internationally Gruau's artwork is celebrated internationally noted for its' exceptional and masterful line, and its' timeless, enduring style.

  • Patricia Govezensky

    Patricia, a sensitive artist, brings to her canvas the immortal effeminate woman, combining her tender touch and simplicity with magic moments of beauty in delicate domain. She invites us to share the public intimacy of an informal French Cafe and the euphoric mystery of a woman's room. The images, which she presents, are anonymous and therefore transcend all specific consideration of time or place, which places her work in the universal setting and justifies her worldwide success.

    Patricia Govezensky was born in Tel Aviv in 1961 and was raised in Jaffa, a picturesque quarter known for being the site of the oldest port in the world. Patricia was educated and raised in Israel where she studied art. At a young age, she enrolled in courses sponsored by the Tel Aviv Museum where she mastered such arts as lithography, engraving, photography and sculpture. She graduated with distinction in her art studies at the Avni Institute and the Art Academy at Ramat Hasharon. These two institutes are of the most highly regarded and well-known art academies in Israel.
  • Al Hirschfeld

    Al Hirschfeld American Artist: b. 1903-2003. Al Hirschfeld was born in St. Louis, Missouri. In the early 1920s he traveled in Europe, studied the European movements, and came away with a love of simple, fluid composition. After he returned to New York he decided to devote his creative life to the graphic arts and for more than fifty years successfully translated the purity of his form to the etching and lithographic processes. Al Hirschfield's caricatures of the celebrated capture perfectly the essence of the subject with added touches of humor and warmth. Deceptively simple, they are the works of an extraordinarily skilled craftsman. As a prominent observer and social chronicler of the entertainment world, in the 1930s Hirschfeld began contributing his drawings to the Sunday edition of The New York Times. Al Hirschfield's work appears in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
  • Sergey Ignatenko

    Artist Sergey Ignatenko was born 1975, in Gomel, the Republic of Belarus. At the young age of eleven Sergey Ignatenko was accepted into art school. During his training he participated in numerous local and national exhibitions and competitions. Graduating from the school in 1990, Ignatenko was accepted into the Gomel Art College painting department, from which he graduated in 1995. In 1996 Ignatenko began studies at the Belarusian State Art Academy in Minsk, where Ignatenko had the privilege of studying painting with great masters of Belarus and the USSR like Dancig, Marochkin, Savickiy, and more. Graduating in 2002, Sergey Ignatenko returned to his native Gomel to teach at Gomel Art College. Sergey Ignatenko is a member of the Belarusian Artist Guild and operates his own studio, working on both commissioned and noncommissioned projects. The artworks are in collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania.
  • Jozza

    One of the most exciting Pop Artists in the world today, Jozza creates his artistic vision with vibrant imagery and combinations of bright color and hard-edged abstract subjects. Painting a wide repertoire of subjects from flowers and still-life to people and cityscapes, his paintings are inspired by the simple streets of Brazil to the elegant cities of the United States; cities full of rhythm, nightclubs, subways, restaurants and still-life where urban life subjects are the heartbeat and soul of society.�Inspired by Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Romero Britto and Peter Max, Jozza's colorful, shimmering, animated subjects have been captured in over 1,000 works around the world to date. Jozza's work is included in numerous public and private collections in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Germany.
  • Steve Kaufman

    On February 12, 2010, the world lost Steve Alan Kaufman, one of the greatest American pop artists and a generous humanitarian. Steve Kaufman, a.k.a. SAK, former assistant to Andy Warhol, passed away at the young age of 49. His memory, as well as his paintings, will live on forever. From his warm smile and generous heart, to his ability to tell a great story and his incredible knack of making every day an adventure filled with humor, drama, and laughter - Steve Kaufman was a legend. His paintings have found their way into the homes and hearts of so many, capturing the true American pop art experience. Steve Kaufman painted such timeless pieces such as: Coca Cola, Marilyn Monroe, Mozart, Beethoven, Wizard of Oz, Muhammad Ali, his money series, and his paintings of famous singers, actors and icons. His audience is vast and large, and his contribution to society was enormous. Steve Kaufman launched and operated the "Give Kids a Break Fund," a successful charity which helped inner city kids from troubled homes or straight from jail. Steve Kaufman gave these kids a job and his trust when no one else would, allowing them opportunities that they would have never had. Steve Kaufman lived for forty nine years, and in that time, he lived the life of 10 men. He will be so painfully missed, but his art will live forever. Steve Kaufman's paintings have been exhibited in many museums including The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Slovakia; the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Hot Springs, AR; The Motown Historical Museum in Detroit, MI; the Blues & Legends Hall of Fame Museum in Memphis,TN; The American Sport Art Museum & Archives in Daphne, AL; The Pop Culture Gallery at The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA; Sala U. Veruda, Palazzo Costanzi in Trieste, Italy; The Palazzo Guiscardo in Pietrasanta, Italy; Museum of Passion in Valladolid, Spain; Marcos Valcarcel Cultural Center in Galicia, Spain and running from November 21, 2013 through May 6, 2014 a grand exhibition in the House of Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy. Steve Kaufman's paintings are also in two presidential libraries.
  • Liudmila Kondakova

    "Beauty...lies in the love that goes into each detail, no matter how small or insignificant. In my art, the essence and beauty has always rested in the details."  Liudmila Kondakova

    Her paintings are so rich with clarity and light that they reflect in their extraordinary draftsmanship a sense of artistic and spiritual well-being. One might describe her style as Romantic Realism her meticulous attention to every detail allows us to become intimately involved in the life of her paintings.  In the artist's words: To me, these streets, with their worn cobblestones and aged buildings, evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance with a touch of melancholy. It is the ideal kind of space in which I would like to live. Since her childhood in Russia, Liudmila Kondakova has been fascinated by traditional art, by a sense of spirituality that transcends common existence. Her painting technique is that employed by medieval egg-tempera painters. Her palette influenced by the icon painters of Byzantium and later, Russia is both vibrant and beautiful, with colors that blend in a subtle, poetic balance.

    Born in Russia in 1956, Liudmila Kondakova immigrated to the United States in 1991. A graduate of the Grabar Center in Moscow, she also attended Russia's School of Sacred Arts, the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and the Moscow Art Institute.
  • Mark Kostabi

    A world-famous artist as well as accomplished composer, Mark Kostabi is nearly synonymous with the New York art scene. Having made his debut in 1982, Kostabi soon became a leading figure of the wild and heady East Village art scene - surrounded by the likes of Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, and others. As a master of crisp, bold, surrealistic graphic-style images, Kostabi is an artist's artist: one of his many side projects is a "game show" he hosts in which fellow artists and art critics compete to name his new art pieces. Another is "Ask Mark Kostabi," an advice column he publishes for artists. His work is also collected by an impressive array of rock stars, opera singers and other luminaries. Among many other notable commissions, Kostabi did the artwork for Guns n' Roses "Use Your Illusion" and the Ramones' "Adios Amigos" albums. Recently, Kostabi was recognized by Pope Benedict XVI who officially blessed his bronze statue of Pope John Paul II at its inauguration in Rome. An always-prolific and dynamic artist as well as public figure, Kostabi divides his time between New York and Rome.
  • Lona

    Born in Sacramento, California, LONA has been creating art since she was 3 years of age. She continues her artistic expression as a fine artist, as well as a professional graphic designer.  During the year 2000, LONA took a year sabbatical from her graphic design career and moved to Paris, France, to concentrate on her painting skills. She spent the year traveling, drawing, painting and developing her unique artistic style, and returned to the States with over 30 paintings. LONA's work has been shown in New York City, Houston, San Jose, Las Vegas and Hawaii. She has collectors from all over the world. LONA expresses her subjects in a bold colorful pallet with a contemporary flair. Her canvases reveal exciting wines, spirits and compelling florals. The majority of her work is done in acrylics and the subject matter of her paintings is what she coins, close-up realism. Originals and limited edition giclees are available. LONA also accepts commissioned assignments upon request. Additionally, LONA has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design from San Jose State University and has been a professional Graphic Designer for over 20 years. She is Principal, President and Senior Designer of Fine Art & Design by LONA, located in Los Angeles, California. LONA has won many national awards for her design work, including a Benjamin Franklin Award - Best of Show, an Addy Award,and many American Graphic Design Awards.
  • Igor Medvedev

    Igor Medvedev's art celebrates the soul of our past. His masterful use of light captures and preserves the ancient spirit of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas - the small seaside fishing villages of Italy and Spain, the quaint and traditional towns atop hillsides in Greece. He disdains technology and celebrates the common genius of simple human creativity and handiwork.

    Igor Medvedev was born in Novopskov, USSR, now the Ukraine, on November 10, 1961. In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics Techniques (physio-chemical faculty). His first personal exhibition took place in the Youth Dramatic Theatre in 1990. Thereafter he was regularly exhibited by the leading galleries in Vilnuce, Kaunas: Juste, Contemporary Art Center, Russian House and others.

    After a tumultuous and torturous youth, Medvedev's work finds tranquility and peace in the simple life, exemplified in the antique construction of an old whitewash village, standing after two thousand years, with its interlocking volumes, quaint doorways and brilliantly arranged flowers, tables, chairs � gifts of the artist that we all possess and express every day.

    Medvedev and his family fled German occupation during World War II and the young Russian found himself and his family a long way from freedom. After the war, the Medvedev's settled in Munich. It was there that Igor first saw the meticulousness and precision of Renaissance painting and sculpture. Today, he deploys the painstaking technique of that time, in a process known as "casein glazing." His use of impasto and chiaroscuro has led critics to comment that "He paints like a sculptor," and in fact, the multi-faceted artist is accomplished in the bronze medium.
  • Valter Morais

    Imagine a colorful, romantic and fun world, where people celebrate peace, love, freedom and happiness. That's the Valter De Morais art world. His works reveal his visionary impression of our everyday life and also reflect his great sense of humor that is always present in all of his paintings. Morais was born in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1948. As a child he had expressly wished to be a soccer player. However, his destiny was drawn to the arts. He has been committed to the fine arts since he was fifteen years old. Morais opted to dedicate his life to painting a happy world. It's a pleasure to know that my paintings can create a nice environment.

    He became a professional painter in 1981, when he received a bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the University of Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo. He also had an academic experience teaching for many years at the University, where he could contribute to share his knowledge with many students. In 1988 he came to the United States and has been a full time artist since then. Valter De Morais's works are deeply rooted in the cubism represented by Picasso and a pop art style, movement that emerged in the late 1950's. His works are inspired on his own romantic feeling of the world. The choice of this kind of matter is guided by a reference to the beautiful models, dances, musical instruments and, the daily life. Valter's talents are very diverse, ranging from pop art to Caribbean landscapes to portraits and hyper-realism. As South Florida breathes arts, Morais moved from Boston to exhibit his pictures that perfectly combine to the tropical atmosphere. He became involved in painting different themes characterized by the deep perspective, colorful backgrounds and unexpected dimensions. His works are in galleries and collections all over the world include a portrait of Princess Ann which hangs in Buckingham Palace. In the early 70's he won awards for pop art style in Brazil. Valter is also very active in charity work. He has had works commissioned by Absolute Vodka and his works have sold for tens of thousands of dollars to help Aids, Children's Cancer and Parkinsons research. One of Valter's hobby is billiards and he is quite accomplished. He designed the official logo for the Ladies Professional Billiards association as well as a poster for world champion Allison Fisher.
  • Marcel Mouly

    1918-2008 - Artist Marcel Mouly, born in Paris in 1918, is heavily influenced by the work of Picasso, Matisse, and Braque. He studied painting at the French Academies and later became the protog of the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, from whom he learned about Cubism. Mouly won the Chevalier de l'Order des Artes et Letteres in 1957, and the Premier Prix de Lithographie in 1973. Mouly has exhibited all over the world and he currently has paintings hanging in the Musee Nationale d' Art Moderne, Paris, the Muse de Geneve and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Sadly Marcel Mouly passed away on Jan 7th, 2008.
  • Alexandra Nechita

    Alexandra Nechita was born in 1985 and began drawing at the age of two. At seven, she was painting with oils and acrylics, and her first exhibit was a one-woman show held at a Los Angeles public library when Nechita was just eight years old. Alexandra's talent was instantly recognized as crowds came to see her amazing and often monumental paintings. After seeing her art, the press labeled her "The Petite Picasso." Alexandra attracted the attention of art critics and media who began telling the world about this rarest of child prodigies - an artist who had mastered drawing and color, an artist who had created a visual language of her own, in a unique, lyrical, figurative, abstract cubist manner, an artist who had only recently turned nine years old. By age ten, she was producing strikingly accomplished canvases, which were easily compared to the work of talented, fully mature artists. Her works have a developed artistic personality, highly sophisticated and fully alive to the nuances and possibilities of her medium.

  • LeRoy Neiman

    American artist LeRoy Neiman (1921-2012). For the last 50 years, LeRoy Neiman has been the world's most recognized popular artist. He created a vibrant energetic style that set his art apart from all others. His works encompass sports, entertainment, travel, and adventure. His was a life well lived, and he made us a part of his extraordinary journey, seeing and doing things we could only dream of. Bringing these images to life, LeRoy Neiman has enriched the art world, and brought joy and excitement to millions of collectors worldwide.

  • John Nieto

    John Nieto is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and exciting contemporary artists in the United States. An innovative interpreter of his native southwest, Nieto's dramatic compositions and bold use of color translate classic American themes into unmistakably modern images that somehow escape the boundaries of time. While Nieto maintains that his art "is the result of an emotional involvement with my subject matter rather than a cerebral one," his powerfully evocative paintings reveal a seamless blend of instinct and keen intelligence. His deft handling of Western motifs - including Native American tribal representatives, warriors, and ceremonial dancers, as well as legendary frontiersmen or indigenous wildlife - demonstrates why these icons still loom large in the national consciousness. Wielding his brush with precision and control, Nieto invests each figure with a mesmerizing presence.
  • Rafal Olbinski

    Polish artist Rafal Olbinski. Rafal Olbinski was born in the city of Kielce in Poland. He graduated from the Architectural Department of Warsaw Politechnical School. In 1982, he emigrated to the US, where he soon established himself as a prominent painter, illustrator and designer. Since 1985, he's been a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York. For his artistic achievements, he has received more than 150 awards including Gold and Silver Medals from all over the world. His paintings are included in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress in Washington, and other museums throughout Europe and the United States. He is truly a genius of the 21st century art world. In 2002, Olbinski designed stage settings for The Philadelphia Opera Company's production of ''Don Giovanni''.
  • Linnea Pergola

    Linnea Pergola's creativity inspires and guides the artist to create in her paintings a meld of drama and naive charm. Her work consists of a collection of captivating and enchanting portrayals of life and fantasy, from a pure and unaffected response to her subject. The artist's subject matter is as diverse and eclectic as her background and travels.  It is her love for the many different places and cultures that she has seen and studied and the history she has absorbed that have given her a bountiful reservoir into which she dips her pen and brush. Although many subjects inspire Linnea, cityscapes are most often seen throughout her work. She embraces their distinctive atmosphere and lifestyles, architecture, lighting and the high energy of the cities that ignite her imagination. The viewer enthralled, is transported to different cities, foreign lands and times. Pergola's desire to express her unique creativity is the driving force which inspires and guides her to meld the diverse elements of drama and naive charm is her multi-media paintings and serigraphs. Pergola's body of work is a collection of captivating and enchanting portrayals of life infused with fantasy to reveal the artist's pure and unaffected response to her subject. Once a subject inspires Pergola, it is transformed by the artist into a new reality. Often the image is changed before the very first line is placed upon the canvas or paper, while other times the image gradually changes as the artist interacts with the image. Linnea Pergola focuses the viewer's attention on the individual elements she feels are most significant within the overall image.
  • Pino

    Born Guiseppe Dangelico in Bari, Italy on November 8, 1939, Pino began his studies at the city's Art Institute. He attended Milan's Academy of Brera in 1960 honing in on his talent for painting the human figure. During his two years at the academy, he was influenced by the the Pre-Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. His work was featured in numerous major exhibitions all over Italy and Europe from 1960 to 1979. Two of Italy's largest publishers, Mondadori and Rizzoli, commissioned him to do book illustrations.  However, despite his rising success and new opportunities, Pino felt restricted in Milan. Seeking complete artistic freedom, Pino ended up in the United States in 1979. He was sponsored by the Borghi Gallery, where he held many shows in New York and Massachusetts. Nonetheless, moving to the United States turned out to be quite a challenge. His sponsorship barely supported him and his family, which was only made more complicated by the fact that he barely spoke English and his sole method of transportation was a bicycle. After many failed attempts at finding gainful employment, Pino finally got a break in February of 1980 when Zebra Books Publishers gave him the job of creating a book cover. The success of his illustrations was so great that he was soon able to network with many prominent publishers of romance novels. His popularity blossomed within the literary community. Pino dedicated 13 years to illustrating book covers, but never lost his desire to someday return to fine art. His passion for creating pieces that break free of all outside restrictions fueled his undying dedication to fine art, which he continued to create with much success until his passing in 2010. Pino's multitude of exquisite creations continue to be ardently collected and admired by fans worldwide.
  • Orlando Quevedo

    Orlando Rafael Quevedo was born on January 1, 1970 in Holguin, Cuba. Proud of his heritage and culture, he came to the United States in December 1993 to pursue his artistic career. At the early age of 15, Orlando was awarded first prize in the International Young Artist Exhibitions both in Moscow and Havana, along with numerous first prize awards in the years to follow. His art has been exhibited at the International Art Expo in New York from 2000 to 2002.

  • Gail Rodgers

    Rodgers combines the graphic art of silkscreening with hand painting to create original designs and portraits that have caught the eye of collectors and A-list celebrities worldwide. Born in Worcester, MA, Rodgers never questioned what she wanted to be when she grew up. As a child, art was her companion and a safe haven for self expression. Whether in the backseat of a car or on the beach of Cape Cod, a piece of paper and a crayon box were never far from reach. Following high school, Rodgers received a summer scholarship to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and then went on to attend California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. Rodgers excelled in this environment and the experience made a lasting impression on her views about art. She learned to value the concept, the idea, more than the execution. At age 21, the artist started her own silkscreen company printing t-shirts out of her garage. The ensuing fifteen years found Rodgers working as a silkscreen artist creating designs for Vuarnet, Warner Brothers and other large companies. In 1993, she took a position at an art gallery in Laguna Beach and went on to become the owner of Galerie 224. After 17 years as a resident of Laguna Beach, it is Los Angeles that the artist now calls home. There is something about the city, the different nationalities, the different economic levels, the energy, the rawness, the graffiti, the dirtiness, the sadness, there is something beautiful in the human aspect of it all. I find beauty in the reality of our lives and as a graphic urban artist, that is what I hope to portray. And portray she does from crowd scenes to images of rush hour traffic, Gail Rodgers silkscreen paintings are always on the move, forever changing. Where will her work take us from here? That's hard to say. But what is certain is the journey will be a human story told through the eyes of an artist whose time has come.
  • Nastya Rovenskaya

    Nastya Rovenskaya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1976. A master of pop and street art, Nastya is one of the most innovative and exciting artists on the international stage.
  • Rick Rush

    Richard Allen Rush was born on October 16, 1946 in Mobile, Alabama. From an early age, it was obvious to his mother and father, friends, and teachers, that Rick had a fondness and talent for drawing. Rick was also a gifted athlete; he was starting quarterback at his high school and an early claim to fame was leading his team to victory over Foley, led by future Super Bowl XI winner Ken Stabler. His two gifts were harmoniously interwoven, but his true calling was in art. Because of Rick's love for watching and participating in sports, he felt a natural subject for his art would be the sporting life in America. Artists paint or write about things that are close to them, Rick often says, Hemingway related to bullfighting, the sea, and war I relate to sports.
  • Tomasz Rut

    Born into a remarkably artistic and talented family, Tomasz Rut was raised in Warsaw, Poland. His passion for art came from his mother - an artist and art teacher - and his interest in the classical human form came from watching his father, a three-time Olympic champion, excel as an athlete. Rut displayed a prodigious artistic talent from an early age; when he was only 11, his first drawings were exhibited in a solo gallery show. Rut decided to nurture his natural talent formally at both the Pratt Institute in New York and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. While in Warsaw, Rut studied painting and was awarded a Master's degree in Conservation.  Currently living and working in Hollywood, Florida, Rut finds inspiration in the art of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods; his talent is at its most admirable in his classical paintings. Depicting the struggle and beauty of human experience, Rut also ages his vibrant paintings, imitating the style of Italian frescoes. Of his art, Rut says, By this juxtaposition of spiritual versus physical, I hope to convey the quality that transcends time and suggests the eternal nature of our ethical struggle between right and wrong. Hence, beauty and decay. Rut's artwork can be found in more than ten permanent museum collections, including the Smithsonian Institution. Perhaps most notably, Rut's pieces Be Not Afraid and Nolite Timere were recently accepted as part of the Vatican collection. His piece Olympica was under review to be an official image of the 2012 Olympics.
  • Sabzi

    Mohmood Sabzi's subjects are almost always women, romantic, beautiful, graceful, and they reflect solitude. His rich color palette and treatment of the human face luminousness geometric planes thoughout his artwork. He never the less is a profound statement of the artist's quest for spirituality.

    Mohmood Sabzi biography: Sabzi's early works were primarily realistic, exploring the historical and cultural themes of his homeland. He was born in Iran and he departed from Iran during the Khomeini regime to Germany and then the United States. This exile provided him the opportunity to explore new artistic influences, and he began to work in abstract and figurative styles.

    Sabzi's subjects are almost always women beautiful, graceful, taciturn and melancholy; they reflect love, mystery and solitude. His women are Madonna's, modern goddesses and martyred saints whose elongated forms suggest instability and internal conflict. According to Sabzi, their anonymous faces make them into religious icons that transcend and defy the demands of reality; reflecting warmth, charm, happiness, and his undisputed love and admiration for women.

    His paintings resonates both Eastern and Western philosophies. His rich Persian heritage provides him with ancient images, sentimental Persian themes and memories of innocence. He draws from the Western influence of modernism found in the works of Klee, Cezanne, Matisse and Bonnard

    His debt to modernism, especially to Matisse, is irrefutable. Earthy hues of pale greens, yellows, purples and reds illuminate the settings and inspire the forms with unique inner vibrations. Though schematic, the treatment of the human face as luminous geometric planes is a profound statement of the artist's quest for spirituality.

    Sabzi goes beyond Matisse and creates spatially-revolving, post-modern worlds. Images reflected in mirrors assume a life of their own. The effect is a powerful multiplicity of emotional representation. Here the fantastic is treated as ordinary and the rich fabrics of the paintings resonate intimacy.

    An accomplished abstract painter, Sabzi's passion for the spiritual is represented in the open spaces, symbolism and intricate patterns that make up the backgrounds of his compositions. Juxtaposing the complex feelings, body language and attitudes of his predominantly female figures against a backdrop of shapes and forms in space, Sabzi uses texture, lines and color to make artistic statements about love and beauty.
  • Irene Sheri

    Irene Sheri was born in the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Ukraine in 1968.  Her art career started when Irene's older brother Vasily, then 9, was given as a birthday present a set of paints.� Irene was told NOT TO TOUCH THEM! Those paints became an object of desire for her, almost an obsession. She stole them, mixed them, painted on paper, walls, on her dress and on the bodies of her friends. She was 4 years old.��At age 9, with thousands of paintings behind her, Ms. Sheri started her art classes at the Belgorod Art School for gifted children, and at age 15 graduated valedictorian both from her junior high and art school.�� Ms. Sheri entered Grecov College of Art in the city of Odessa, Ukraine.During her first year in college, she entered and won "Young Artist of the year" at citywide juried exhibition. In all, Ms. Sheri entered and won fourteen juried exhibitions, and at the end of her second year, received a special "excellence in art" award from the Mayor. At age seventeen, Ms. Sheri was accepted into the prestigious Serov School of Fine Art in St Petersburg, Russia. All paintings and sketches that she created during her three years of study at the college are now used by the faculty as samples of brilliant academic achievement.�In 1988, a year after she moved to St Petersburg, Ms. Sheri was enrolled in a summer practice at the Museum of Wooden Architecture.��In 1990, Ms. Sheri graduated valedictorian from the Serov College and was asked to stay at the School of Fine Art to teach gifted children. Two years later, she entered one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, the St Petersburg Academy of Art. Her graduation artwork was accepted into the permanent collection at the Museum of Academy Art, and a year later, the same painting, "Early snow" received the highest honor an artist can receive in Russia, the "Russian State Award for Outstanding achievement in Art or Entertainment." �
  • Adrian Wong Shue

    The son of Cantonese-Jamaican parents, Wong Shue, whose work has been displayed internationally, was born in Jamaica, West Indies, December 1952. At the age of fourteen Wong Shue began the study of drawing under Alfred Chin from Canton, China. He has studied art in Jamaica and California.

    For Wong Shue, the life of the artist is a two-fold issue.He believes that The artist creates the art, and the art creates the artist. This philosophy has allowed Wong Shue to approach the creation of his artwork with complete freedom from conventional restraints, which often restrict the artist. The result is a style of painting combining several mediums at once to achieve a look that is both timeless and very contemporary.
  • Nicola Simbari

    Though born in San Lucido, Calabria, Nicola Simbari was raised in Rome, where his father was an architect for the Vatican. He studied at the Accademia delle Belli Arti and in the 1940s he began devoting himself to painting in a studio at Via del Babuino in central Rome. He began to develop a distinct style stemming from impressions of life, nature, and the Mediterranean, impressions which abstractly reflect themselves in the purely vivid and passionate colors of his work. Simbari's originality and commercial appeal brought his art to exhibitions in London and New York by the 1950s, solidifying his international reputation. Nicola Simbari is considered by many to be Italy's most important living artist. He is a semiabstract impressionist. Using stunning colors and favoring brilliant tones, He paints with a palette knife and achieves great depth with this technique. Simbari's paintings are full of light and energy. Simbari's works can be found in numerous museums and private and corporate collections around the world. His paintings are in collections including the Bank of Tokyo and the Christian Dior Collection in Paris; Italian State Railways in Rome; Liberty Company in London; and Tulsa Bank of Commerce, Cincinnati Fine Arts Department, Exxon Corporation, General Mills Corporation and Pepsico, in America.
  • Anton Sipos

    A figurative painter for almost 40 years, Anton Sipos has matured and so has his style.� While his new works still embody impressionism, his paintings now reflect a personal and fresh vocabulary in the language of painting.� The resulting style is bolder with more striking colors.� Of his work, he says: "I like to surprise myself. My style is always evolving. I hope the viewer will have the same sense of discovery as I do."
  • Sergey Smirnov

    Russian artist Sergei Smirnov. Born in 1953, artist Sergey Smirnov grew up in an area of Russia bordering the Pacific Ocean known as the Kamchatka Peninsula. His father was an army officer who moved his family from base to base throughout Russia. In his late teen years, Smirnov and his family settled in Moscow, where he went to work for the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1979, Sergey Smirnov began to take classes at the Moscow City Art College. He graduated from the art college in 1983 as class valedictorian, with a master's degree in art. His remarkable skill in church and cathedral renovation, led to a prestigious position as a restorer of aging and antique church icons and frescoes. Two years later, he began painting icons--a long-standing tradition among Russia's artists--and his work now graces several major churches throughout the country. Starting in 1991, Sergey Smirnov designed and developed logos and graphics for a wide variety of Russian corporations, winning countless national and international awards for his work. He also served as chief editor for the Advertising and Image Creation Corporation of the Russian government's International Trade Corporation. But in 1994 this spirit moved him to devote himself entirely to painting. In 1997, Sergey Smirnov was honored as only the third living artist to have a personal exhibit in the Kremlin's Manezh, which ranks as one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. For three weeks, people from across Russia lined up at the gallery to catch a glimpse of Smirnov's haunting, elegant art. In the same year, Smirnov exhibited at the Orlean House in London. Sergey sadly passed away suddenly in 2006.
  • Vadik Suljakov

    Since arriving in the United States over a decade ago, master Russian artist Vadik Suljakov (pronounced Shul-ya-kov) has established himself as one of the most distinguished young impressionists in the country. One look at his exquisite, rich textured canvases and you understand why Suljakov's work is so highly sought-after. Suljakov, born in the cultural center of Moscow in 1960, comes from a well-known, intellectual family with many generations of artists and writers. His parents gave him an excellent home education, which included painting by the age of seven. He continued with Russia's most rigid and traditional art education and, from the age of twelve to twenty, he perfected his style of technically difficult artwork. He studied at the Moscow Graphic Art Committee and the Moscow Art Group. In 1990, Suljakov left Russia like many other artists had done, because they were asked to tie their art to politics. He then spent a year in New York City with a group of other artists from his native Russia, working as a commercial artist. When asked how he feels about his first experience in the United States, Suljakov emphatically states, "I came to America when the time was right, when I had enough experience to express my art and thoughts on canvas." Over the years, Suljakov has refined and perfected his vibrant, textured style, which he achieves by using both acrylic and oils together with a brush and a palette knife. Inspiration for his European images comes from his fond memories of traveling throughout the continent when he was young. He still refers to thousands of his own photographs when creating these exquisite images, right down to the smallest detail. In 1991, Suljakov relocated to Southern California, where he continues to create masterpieces -- each even more spectacular than the last.
  • Tadeo

    "Understanding the ambiguities of the human nature" is what captivated Tadeo and introduced him to the world of art. Of course, as the son of one of Peru's greatest artists, it could not have been any other way. Told by his father that the human body presented both the greatest difficulty and, at the same time, the greatest achievement in art, he pursued figurative art drawing and painting starting at age 7.

    Tadeo was born in Lima. Peru on August 30, 1977. In his continuous search for artistic development, Tadeo enrolled in the prestigious School of Fine Arts at age 18. As top student in his class, he was invited to participate in the Quimera '99 art exhibit in Mexico, where his art is highly regarded as some of the best from South America.

    His paintings are a window to an intelligent and creative mind; his strokes are the voice of a true artist. His art transcends hyperrealism, exposing the observer to a surreal and delightful experience. Brilliant, gifted and spontaneous, his artistic achievement elates the senses and portrays the exuberant, yet down to earth, humble mastermind behind the canvas. Simple, as any great man should be.
  • Jiang Tie-Feng

    Jiang Tie-Feng. Born in 1938 - Chinese Artist Jiang Tie-Feng was born in 1938, in Ningbo, Zhejiiang Province, in China. Even as a child he displayed a great love and talent for painting and drawing, and early on he knew the course his life would take. Jiang's colors are of unsurpassed richness. A colorist, Jiang's intention was to reverse the trend of the stale Chinese tradition of painting in gray, black, and white. Jiang says: "Chinese art had reached a sick level due to its lack of color." Jiang's use of imagery. As noted above, Jiang Tie-Feng is a storyteller. His paintings are steeped in Buddhist and Chinese mythology. Each figure has a symbolic meaning. The paintings have so much complexity and visual fascination that the viewer is constantly seeing something new. Jiang says "For every picture there is a story, and for every story there is a picture." Jiang's vision has continued to grow and expand. Probably because of his personal experience in two cultures he has increasingly seen the world as a single system, as a meeting place of diverse forces.
  • Yuri Tremler

    Yuri Tremler (born Yuri Trembovler) was born in the Ukraine in 1961. He attended the College of the Arts in Kharkov. He later continued his studies at the Kharkov Art & Design Academy as well as at the Gall Design School in Germany. After that, he returned to Kharkov and worked as a metal smith theater decorator. Tremler immigrated to Israel in 1996 where he worked in crafts, industrial design, interior design, jewelry design, and participated in many exhibitions. After exploring new media to work within, he finally decided to dedicate himself almost exclusively to painting in 1998. The artist's striking and spontaneous palette clearly expresses a gamut of emotional states and moods. Painted with the accuracy of a designer and the delicacy of a colorist, his works both inspire and calm. He uses the female form and contrasts it with geometric shapes in his paintings. The contrast between the stasis of his stylized female silhouettes and the dynamic interaction of his brightly colored patches and complex textures creates a feeling of internal peace, balanced with the harmony of the external world. Tremler's works reveal a pronounced decorativeness, giving them a luxurious and pleasurable tone. The richness of the artist's palette is eye-catching. The vertical and horizontal lines in one of his geometric works swim and blur. Crystalline squares and objects blend with feminine silhouettes, moving whimsically from light to shadow, reflecting each other - flowers and women, vases and goblets - coming to a halt in scattered, multicolored cubes. Tremler's paintings move from the rational to the emotional. The images in his masterful works saturate the emotions and remain in the imagination.  His works are now exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Europe and the United States.
  • Jennifer Vranes

    Firerock Fine Art specializes in the original paintings and limited edition prints of Jennifer Vranes.� Jennifer is a personal friend of our family and in our minds one of the premiere artists of the 21st century. Jennifer is best known for her large and vibrant paintings of Aspen Forests and European Landscapes. Her trademarked technique using a palette knife to 'sculpt' in thick textures has become a favorite among collectors and Art Galleries world-wide. Inspired by the bas-relief sculptures of the ancient Romans, Jennifer has developed and trade-marked a technique she calls "Textures of Life" that involves painting with extreme textures. Unlike an ordinary palette knife painting, Vranes loads on the texture just where nature intended. The sky and distant mountains, for instance, remain flat and smooth; contrasting dramatically with the highly textured fields, bushes and trees in the foreground. This juxtaposition of texture versus smooth in just the right places gives her paintings their distinct and unmistakable 3-dimensional quality. Vranes literally "sculpts" on the thick texture with many large palette knives. The trunks of the Aspens actually feel like bark to the touch, and the petals of the wild poppies can almost be picked! This unique painting style gives the work of Jennifer Vranes a very tactile and organic quality. There is nothing quite like it currently available on the art market today. Please call 480-614-3790 to check the availability and pricing on any Jennifer Vranes you desire.��

    ***PERSONAL COMMISSIONS BY THE ARTIST  ARE ALSO AVAILABLE:  For information please call Firerock Fine Art at 480-614-3790.  Private Commission typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to paint and deliver to your home.***
  • Daniel Wall

    Daniel Wall is the innovator behind Intense Impressionism, a contemporary style that brings the Impressionist art movement from the 1800s into the modern era with vivid colors, heavy textures, and messages of joy and love. From his subjects to his techniques, every aspect of Wall’s works has an optimistic meaning behind it, which he reinforces with each stroke of his palette knife. Drawing on his passion for art that began in early childhood, Daniel Wall creates expressive landscapes, cityscapes, and floral paintings that appeal to art lovers across the globe.
  • David Willardson

    David Willardson - San Diego native and self-proclaimed California Boy David Willardson is a consummate Disney artist. From the time he visited Disneyland as a kid when it first opened in 1955, and worked there as a 'cast member' through high school, Willardson has always loved all things Disney. After launching a successful career in design and illustration, Willardson once again returned to the fold at Jeffrey Katzenberg's request, spending nearly two decades as the creator of Disney's 'new look' for all its classic reissues and new features.

    Today, Willardson has headed off in a new direction with the opening of his own studio, where he continues to create some of the most innovative and electrifying Disney images available today.
  • Wyland

    The marine wildlife artist Robert Wyland, was born in 1956 in Detroit Michigan. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit majoring in painting and sculpture. Upon graduation, Wylands' professors, Jay Holland, Russell Keeter and Bill Gerard, recognized his talent and encouraged him to move to the California coast where he could further develop his art. Wyland who paints in watercolors and oils celebrates underwater sea life in his paintings and bronze sculptures. In 1981 after being frustrated by his attempts to capture whales on canvas Wyland painted his first public art titled, "Whaling Wall." After garnering media attention for the artwork he embarked on a quest to complete 100 Whaling Walls by 2011 to raise public awareness of sea life. In 1993 he founded the Wyland Foundation to promote and protect ocean resources through life-sized public art, educational programs and support for environmental groups. In 1998 the United Nations proclaimed him the official artist for the International Year of the Ocean.
  • Caroline Young

    Art Master CAROLINE YOUNG breathes the rarified air of the few Illustrious Masters of the "Delicate Style" technique of Ancient Oriental painting. Young`s images are magnificently hypnotic - indeed, she mixes her own colors to achieve her One of a Kind Luscious Look. And each masterpiece is created on decadent, multi-layered Artist`s Paper that mesmerizes with subtly embossed patterns, and glistens with the rippling glitter of perhaps a fine Photograph mixed with exotic silks! The art of Caroline R. Young focuses on interpreting the drama, romance, and magic of the mythology and history of ancient China and Japan. She was born in Hong Kong and moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii, majoring in French. She met Lam Oi Char, a powerful mentor who inspired her to change her major to art and then to become a professional. Ms. Young was often called the "female counterpart of Otsuka", a well known male Japanese silk painter; but whereas he prefers the kipula, the inner lining of the kimono, she paints on raw silk.
  • John Zaccheo

    John Zaccheo is one of the world's most renowned impressionists. His professional accomplishments include being selected to create the official painting for the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt as well as making the official painting of the original landing on the Moon, which was presented to astronaut, Neil Armstrong. Italian heritage and love for Italian scenery come to life in his inspirational art, prints and posters. Zaccheo finds the inspiration for his works in the memories of the Mediterranean villages he has come to love. Few will ever experience the world as Zaccheo has, unless they step into his paintings and make believe.

    Painting with passion, John Zaccheo uses his palette knife to create such scenes shrouded with mystery, bathed with lavenders and blues, while retaining alluring shadows. His art, prints and posters have been referred to as more lush and picturesque than nature's own handy work since he manipulates colors and forms to improvise each other and enunciate natural harmony. His paintings, rich in texture, capture a sense of light that magnifies forms and changes their appearance. His colors, so smoothly interconnected, seem to be but a single movement.
  • EM Zax

    Art work by EM Zax
  • Oleg Zhivetin

    Oleg Zhivetin Russian Artist: b. 1964. Oleg Zhivetin was born in 1964. Russian icon painting is a basic and profound point-of-reference in Oleg Zhivetin's work. The viewer will find religious imagery golden halos, Madonnas, angels, and saints. Other typical icons include hearts, musical instruments, books, celestial beings, and flowers, symbols of beauty, delicacy, and spiritual development. One of the most beautiful aspects of Oleg's painting is his skillful rendering of faces, hands and feet. Oleg's characters often communicate through the use of hand gestures rather than eye contact. Gestures are imbued with subtle meaning; a deep sense of shared experience is created through this control of body language.

  • Alex Zwarenstein

    Alex Zwarenstein was born in 1952 in Southern Rhodesia which is now Zimbabwe, and at 17 he left Africa in search to master his craft and studied in London at the Royal Academy of Art where he obtained his Master's Degree in painting. He has received many awards such as the Royal Academy of Art Gold Medal and the Turner Traveling Scholarship. He spent 10 years giving back to the art community by teaching at the Harrow College of Art in England, Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, the National Academy of Design, and the Art Students League. Zwarenstein's work has been featured in National Geographic documentary, Water Towers of New York, numerous magazines covers in the U.S and Europe; he also was a cover Illustrator for Forbes Magazine and the National Review. Alex had his first Solo Exhibition at the Eleanor Ettinger Gallery in New York in 1988 and has had successful exhibitions in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.