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Leonid Afremov's - "Bewitched Park"
Bewitched Park

Bewitched Park
Leonid Afremov
Gallery Price: $75,000.00
Our Price: $12,995.95
Original One of a Kind Oil Painting On Canvas
Image Dimension (inch): 46 x 34
Shipping: $99.95

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Product Code: LA_BEWITCHED_PARK_46X34

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"Bewitched Park" by Leonid Afremov

Media: One of a Kind Original Oil on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 46 x 34 in

About "Bewitched Park"

Leonid Afremov is one of the best modern painters, and he definitely knows how to play with colors, stressing and accentuating this or that detail. He uses his palette knife that helps him to create unique masterpieces alongside with the Impasto technique that is adding a new dimension to his artworks. His paintings will amaze you by their depth and meaningful scenery.

eonid Afremov is a master of rainy cityscapes, but those pictures are deprived of sadness or loneliness; on contrary, they are cheerful because of luscious colors. His Bewitched park is very mysterious, and at first you can’t say even why. Dark colors are prevailing in this park, but the canvas doesn’t look gloomy. You can observe this man-made beauty in some kind of mist, and there is something enigmatic in those golden and blue reflections. You can’t see anything similar to this picture in real life, so you can imply enjoy it on this canvas. Look closer: you will find a couple of streetlights that look very simple at the foreground, but are very different on the background. There are so many street lamps that it seems that the whole city took torches and went out to find something. Maybe, the object of their interest is that lonely man, who is standing with an umbrella and looking at those lights? What is he waiting for? Will those lights bring him peace and happiness, or turn his life into a nightmare? You will never know, because in this park that is full of secrets, anything is possible. And the answers to these questions depend only on your choice, and you can change the man’s destiny each minute.

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