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  • Howard Behrens

    Behrens is one of the world's most renowned palette artists, inspired to create his many masterpieces with a palette knife - a tool artists traditionally use to mix oil paints before applying them to canvas with a paint brush. "I kept changing my style," he explains. "I feel like every painting is a prerequisite for the next painting. You come across something that really rings a bell and starts you thinking differently, and you continue on with that new technique, style or subject matter. That's how I eventually got into palette knife painting. It was an evolutionary thing."

  • Malcolm Farley

    Internationally acclaimed artist Malcolm Farley is renowned for his visions of color and unique ability to capture “the moment, the action, and the spirit of the event.” In his unique impressionistic style, Malcolm blends color with the drama of some of the world's most memorable moments in time.
  • Michael Flohr

    Please contact the gallery directly to inquire about our Michael Flohr collection.

  • LeRoy Neiman

    American artist LeRoy Neiman (1921-2012). For the last 50 years, LeRoy Neiman has been the world's most recognized popular artist. He created a vibrant energetic style that set his art apart from all others. His works encompass sports, entertainment, travel, and adventure. His was a life well lived, and he made us a part of his extraordinary journey, seeing and doing things we could only dream of. Bringing these images to life, LeRoy Neiman has enriched the art world, and brought joy and excitement to millions of collectors worldwide.